1,000 To Cheryl Grymes’ Campaign?

Recent Education Matters post detailed the contributors to Cheryl Grymes District 1 School Board race. The post mentioned the amazing number of efforts from people and businesses outside of Jacksonville. 18,000 the applicant has raised for her campaign came from contributors outside of Jacksonville, one from beyond Florida.

Why would someone in Nashville to be thinking about the District 1 applicant for the institution board? 1,000 to Cheryl Grymes’ campaign? Is it possible to, dear reader, even name a school plank member in another Florida city or know how many school board districts other cities have? If you’re like me then the answer is no, of course not.

But there is a very justification why these individuals and companies want to construct their hard-earned cash because of this campaign and it all revolves around a pecuniary interest – everything revolves around money. I want to be a bit more specific – money diverted from traditional public institutions to charter institutions. When you think of public schools you imagine a classroom filled with students doing their school work, led by a modestly compensated instructor.

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The same image comes up when we think of charter colleges. Nonetheless it isn’t the average person teacher or the solitary classroom full of students, where money can be made. It is in the quantity Rather. 54 millions of your tax dollars from traditional public schools to charter schools. Calendar year a few more charter universities open up in the state Each, expanding the stream of dollars flowing to charter universities.

In this expanding chance to generate taxes dollars that the relevance of Cheryl Grymes’ list of contributors makes concentrate. Those odd-sounding companies and strange names an integral part of a network of management companies, vendors, renting companies, and advocacy groups all working to expand charter schools and divert a lot more millions of dollars to fund the services they offer. 1,000 donations, will open BridgePrep Academy in Duval County soon and start that tax dollar income stream for themselves.

1,000 to the Grymes campaign, loans money to charter school operations and is possessed by the Zulueta family that has the Academica education management business. Academica, in turn, operates several Academy charter universities in Duval County Somerset. Year 3 million in per pupil financing last college. 1,000 in his own name to the campaign. 31 million last school year. 500 to the Grymes campaign as well a number of ALS execs donating in their own name: Greg Engemen, Angela Whitford, and Randle Richardson. Year 4 million last college. 1,000 contributions seems an odd company to contribute to a district school board race.

But they build charter universities in Florida and goodness understands we will see more charter colleges built-in Duval. It should be noted, this company has a lobbyist authorized at the Jacksonville city hall. Mountain Moving Strategies first was children moving company but that made no sense. Actually they may be a talking to company out of Lake Worth providing unspecified services to charter universities. The business is possessed by Eris Arza, spouse of Ralph Arza. Obviously, none of them of the show’s bad conduct or the guarantee of future bad carry out by this college table member. However, when over half a candidate’s campaign donations come from an individual interest group – charter schools – it will probably be worth taking notice.

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