WHAT’S High Intensity Interval Training?

If you ask any fitness instructor for tips about how to lose excess weight you’ll likely find HIIT among the suggestions. But what is high intensity interval training and who should be executing it? Today we’ll educate you on the various varieties of this form of exercise as well as detailing the many myths which encircle it.

While many people are content to jog at a reliable pace on a fitness treadmill for hour after hour, there is a sizable amount of the fitness population who find this approach just a little boring. As a total result, they tend to put their attempts into weight training and in many cases they completely neglect cardio exercise.

High intensity interval training provides both organizations with a stepping stone between their respective styles, offering the advantages of both methods in a single workout. Who should be exercising this real way? Well, to a certain degree absolutely anyone can get results with the countless variations of intensive training that are out there.

It has shown to get rid of fat at an elevated rate and to increase lean muscle tissue, so no matter your current fitness goal there is without a doubt a place for this in your fitness regimen. For those seeking to lose fat there is one significant factor which makes high intensity intensive training so appealing.

This is often referred to as “The Afterburn Effect”. When you complete a regular cardiovascular training session your system stops burning calories as soon as you leave the fitness center but with an interval workout you continue for 16 hours. This makes the fat loss benefits of this training method particularly great.

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Take a look below at the most common variations of interval training and you’ll be able to apply one of these methods to your own training regular easily. Interval training specific for sports. Interval training to reduce surplus fat specifically. Tabata’s were developed in the 1990’s and involve possibly the shortest, hardest yet, interval workout of all right time.

This was designed with elite athletes at heart so if you are new to the gym you may want to hold off on this concept for some time. Tabata intervals can be carried out on any piece of equipment and the full total workout time, minus warm-up and cool-down intervals, is only four minutes long.

Those 4 minutes contain of eight 30 second areas, each comprising 20 seconds at maximum strength accompanied by 10 seconds of light recovery. If your goal is to boost performance for a sport then there’s a slight deviation on the Tabata method that will work well for you. This calls for performing a good work out much longer, between 20 and half an hour in total, which combines a cardiovascular activity as your high strength work and a resistance exercise as your recovery.

One good exemplory case of this would be to mix a 400 meter sprint on the rowing machine with 30 seconds of push-ups. That particular session can be used by many professional rowing night clubs. Finally, you’ll find so many folks who are looking to use this training solution to lose body fat. The method which includes the most technological research to aid it comes from Canada.