If You’re New To Java

This article is for installing and using Google’s Android Studio 3.0 on a 64-bit macOS High Sierra laptop. Since Android Studio requires that a Java JDK is put in on the same computer, it can even describe how to install and use the most recent model of Oracle’s Java JDK. One of the annoying and irritating thing about macOS High Sierra is the minimal support for Oracle’s Java. Putting aside the political wrangling, it is fully understandable that Apple, Oracle, and Google do not mix nicely – Java and macOS (or iOS) is just not often talked about in the identical breath.

As standard, finish customers get the tough finish of the stick whereas the powers that be (Apple, Oracle, etc) combat amongst themselves. So, what to do when you’ve got a Mac computer and you want to develop Android software on it? Don’t despair – this information is designed to assist those who find themselves in this position.

First, you want to determine whether or not you have got Oracle’s Java put in on your Mac PC. Launch a terminal by clicking on the ‘Finder’ icon in the dock, then click on ‘Application’ within the left-hand pane of the finder and then locate ‘Utilities’ in the correct-hand pane of the finder. Double click on ‘Utilities’ after which find ‘Terminal’ in the brand-new finder window and double click on it. Alternatively, if in case you have already saved a launcher within the dock, simply click on the icon. TIP: To make launching a terminal easier in the future, keep that merchandise in the dock by proper clicking on the ‘Terminal’ icon within the dock and choosing ‘Options’ and ‘Keep in Dock’.

This way, all you have to do in an effort to launch a terminal is to single click on the ‘Terminal’ icon in the dock and a brand-new terminal can be launched in your desktop. In the terminal, execute the following command, adopted by, in fact, the ‘Return’ key (this step might be intentionally not noted from any commands which shall be executed in a terminal in future). If you happen to see a response just like the one shown within the determined beneath, you might be reasonably certain that you would not have Oracle’s Java installed in your Mac laptop.

Such is the case of a brand new Mac PC. Oracle Java will seem in your default internet browser – shut this internet browser if this happens. If you happen to see something else, then chances are high you do have Java already installed in your Mac computer – on this case, you might want to remove (i.e., uninstall) that Java earlier than proceeding. Note that, nonetheless, Java could also be required by your Mac laptop. If you’re not sure, consult the online (or Apple) for recommendation.

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Alternatively, if you’re positive, then comply with the instructions here for details on easy methods to take away Java out of your Mac laptop. Assuming that you just don’t have any Java installed, then begin an internet browser (like Safari or Google Chrome) and go here. You’ll be introduced with an online page just like the one proven beneath.

Take a while to read this page. Note that the most recent model is Java JDK (or SE – they are the same) 9.0.1 (as of December 2017). Note that this is a brand new model of Java and if you happen to determine use this version, go forward. Just remember that there is no such thing as a ‘demo’ model and there aren’t any documentation (but) available for this version. The following web page for downloading will seem as proven under (this image has been cropped on your reference). The correct one to obtain is the one marked ‘Mac OS X’ and the file is named ‘jdk-8u152-macosx-x64.Dmg’.

Apparently, Oracle has not realized that Apple has renamed their OS to macOS! To start out the downloading course of, you have to first accept the license agreement for the merchandise (indicated by the pink arrow in the determined beneath). Assuming that you accepted the license, and you clicked on the ‘Accept License Agreement’ button. That is adopted by a click on the file title (indicated by the red arrow in the figure below), the obtain of the file will begin.

Wait for the download to complete and you will see the downloaded file in your ‘Downloads’ folder (assuming that you haven’t changed this default location). If you want, you can also download the demo (and pattern) records data and the API documentation files from the same web site. Note that these files will not be mandatory for creating Android software program but they’re helpful if (a) you want to play a round with the demos and samples from Google and (b) the API documentation information are vital to you. Anyway, you’re inspired to obtain and set up this information. 64-demos.zip’ and they’re downloaded utilizing the same course of as for the Java JDK records data.