Social mass media offers excellent opportunities for employee engagement and business development, but it can have a sting in the tail for businesses when employees misuse social press at the job, or use it to badmouth their employers. Creating a social press within the work environment can control this and ensure communications are managed and are communicated inside your company guidelines. With around growing physique of 61% of UK adults using cultural networking sites, cultural media is typically the most popular online activity for internet surfers.

Social media in the workplace has many positive uses for business, and getting staff involved with contributing to company Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook accounts can help these to feel more engaged. However, excessive use of interpersonal networking sites can be disruptive to the day-to-day running of an ongoing business. Research from 2010 discovered that over half of British workers confessed to accessing personal social media profiles at work for up to an hour a day, costing the British economy an estimated £14 billion in ‘lost time’.

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You should determine what you think is ‘appropriate use’ of the internet and create a policy to reveal this. An internet policy should set out what is deemed acceptable behaviour with all the company’s IT systems (e.g. accessing social mass media sites only at lunch time or not at all) and describe what will happen if that plan is breached. Make it clear that any use of the internet is a privilege that may be revoked at any time.

If you monitor or intercept emails or internet use, you should get this to explicit to members of personnel. Undisclosed monitoring can be against employment law. This plan should be in your conditions of conditions of employment, either in the contract of work or employee handbook. Our contract of employment template contains a clause on internet monitoring and usage.

It also depends on whether the user has an open or closed profile. Depending on your company’s involvement in social mass media, you may want to lengthen your web policy to add cultural media, or you can create a separate policy. Unlike the typical internet plan, which covers use of inner IT systems, you are unable to dictate what members of personnel do outside of working hours.

You can, however, take disciplinary action if they post negative feedback about the company in the public website. To discourage this type of activity and protect your business, a social media policy should outline what is deemed unacceptable behaviour and what is likely to happen if the policy is ignored.