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We’re going to get into to new 12 months, 2018 and I really believe, 2018 gonna be wonderful one. I’m expecting too that next yr, I’m gonna change lots of things and perhaps even my title. So men, eh wait! I mean ladies but heck with this, guys can too also! I’m seeking to be more best for next year and I wanna help others too when it comes to makeup.

I know that sometimes all the makeup from overseas can be really expensive, so I’m de-clutter all my makeup in order for ’em to discover a new master! So far, my baby already away sold, but some from it are not. So here, some new revise for the items that I advertise via IG and CAROUSELL previously. Yes peeps, I acquired a CAROUSELL Account too! Oh before that, I would like to clarify that all my makeup are AUTHENTIC and ORIGINAL. I never buy makeup/skincare products from PASAR MALAM/FAKE MAKEUP/TEPI JALAN and I bought personally using my own money.

It is alright to buy really darker color because the colour will turn out light on the lip area. A lot of people doesn’t enjoy drinking water tint because after wearing it for few hours, you will see patches of colour on the lip area. It doesn’t look that quite. It can be avoided if your lip area in moisturized before applying water tint heavily.

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Try applying two levels rather than one layer for the color to seem on the lips too. After starting, it shall last for a year. The one with the ‘can opening’ is how long a product last. Is the color on my lips Here. It is absolutely light with just one stroke so don’t let the dark blood water fool you. This is actually the photo of my face with the just the colour on my lips The color is not obvious.

Here is my face doing the Japanese Igari with the Peri pera tint as blusher. Do I look drunk? This is the dupe for the Benefit tint. The design is comparable to Benefits Even. It gets the wand program which is perfect for the lips with just one swipe enough. The colour is slightly brighter than the Faceshop lovely me:ex aqua tint juicy red. It’s very watery with no viscosity at all.

Overall, it is an excellent dupe for the Benefits tint but the color couldn’t last long enough. But also for the price, It is thought by me is good as a blusher for a natural get rid of than as lip tint. I must apply few times for the color to show on my lips when it dries down. The not wonderful thing about water tint is you have ensure that you apply lipbalm or it will make the lips ended up in patches of color which it not sexy to look at. The good thing about tint is it doesn’t leave tag on the cups that i like.

However, If you’re looking at more pigmented and duration tint for lips much longer, it is best to look into the Ink Marker and tint tint. I am not really into bright tint so that’s the reason I purchased water tint after trying it out on my hands at Watsons. I purchased it for RM25 8ml (sales). The standard price is Rm40. For more information, please visit Peripera facebook Malaysia. Product is not sponsored.. The views portrayed are my own and honest as always here.