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Before yoga became popular mainstream, I was pursuing online yoga experts like Tara Stiles in YouTube and doing quick yoga exercises from what I read in mags. It was more of a 10-15 minute workout really then, to get my own body started just. My real first formal yoga class taught me a different style of yoga from what I experienced in the web videos – which is Yin Yoga. Unlike the yoga we all know from what we should seem this kind of yoga is a passive, silent, and comforting yoga.

The circulation of asanasgoes deeper than muscle and strength and target connective tissue and fascia. Energy stations and meridians are geared to recharge and cleanse the body also. After that class, I can say that I got hooked. I even memorized the series even to do at home and adopted the asanas in the presskit given to me. After that class, I bought my first yoga mat thinking that if I can’t go directly to the studio, may as well do some sequences at home.

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One of the best hip-openers, the swan. I went to my first yin yoga class in this studio room. Yin yoga was a great go with in my pole fitness regimen it helped me get my splits and backbends safer. It was through yin yoga that I learned that I need to elongate before I really do my backbend rather than crunching to be able to safeguard my backbone.

In a deeper sense, yin yoga brings balance to an otherwise energetic fitness program and daily grind to quiet your brain and allow body rest and recover. The regular cycle has been calmed through yin yoga Even. With that too, my body became ready to practice more active varieties of yoga like Hatha and Vinyasa yoga.

Yoga for me was the alternative for my cross-training in pole since it is a safe way to develop my power and flexibility. This year Earlier, I was contemplating on taking up yin yoga instructor training. I wanted to reveal could was suffering from the practice bodily. Yin yoga has helped me not just in my dynamic fitness activities but also in my own overall help.

I made a decision to level up and take a formal teacher training curriculum to talk about this experience with others. Yin Yoga teacher training would usually abroad be, and a yoga instructor training curriculum is very expensive. Aside from the module, you’ll need to spend for your airline flight, accommodations, meals, etc. In Dec The schedule would also be.

Since December is usually peak season for makeup artists. I thought that yin yoga teacher training would just remain to be always a wish. There however, was something in me that says that, it shall happen. I simply didn’t understand how. Maybe all my bookings would move to the a few months and after prior, making the instructor training times be free for me to take a flight to Singapore magically.

Maybe my cat is actually a magical kitty that can teleport me to Singapore and back again and poops money as an extra bonus. Or teacher training would come to Manila maybe. Months back, it was announced that there would be another Yin Yoga teacher training to be conducted here in Manila in September of this year. It would be a 50-hour basic teacher training given by Victor Chng (I went to a couple of his workshops before when he was here in Manila). I used to be like, “This may be an indicator!” .

Also, it’s going to be within Manila, so you don’t need to take flight out or continue wishing my kitty is magical. Also, month it could occur on weekdays at an off-peak. I immediately attended the orientation and expressed my intention to attend the teacher training to Dona (who was simply my first yin yoga teacher). This week Just, the reservation has been sealed and verified.

No turning back kitty, no turning back again. Maybe the celebrities are saying, this is your time kitty. Leading to September, I am deepening my yin practice by going to the classes and workshops I possibly could attend. I also attended a teacher’s top up class on my birthday to be able to help expand prepare myself by learning from present yin yoga teachers.