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Physical education instructors need to demonstrate that their field is the area of the whole educational program and an important educational at the mercy of gain trustworthiness and protect their jobs. This can be achieved by using instructional and developmentally right approaches in teaching skills and improving learning. Moreover, more efforts should be produced in training future physical education teachers. Full Text:

We physical education instructors have struggled for a long time to prove to other educators, parents, and administrators that our subject is a practicable academic self-discipline.

Opinions about physical education and what it shows primarily result from the experiences people have during their elementary school years. Often physical education and training aren’t equated with other, “true,” educational subjects such as mathematics or technology. The explanation for this assumption, in part, is our very own fault. We’ve too many physical educators trained only to play games with their students, of teaching fundamentals natural in skill development instead. The future of our programs and our jobs lies within the individual teacher and the type of program that he or she advocates. The instructor who administers only a games/activities program throughout the year must realize that this type of program fosters entertainment, not physical education.

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Many colleges are experiencing tremendous growth and absorbing a large number of students without a significant upsurge in material and money, and this accepted places a burden on the college system. At these times, administrators tend to: (1) look for areas that may be cut, (2) reestablish priorities, and (3) examine different ways of delivering service. A great deal of legislative action occurs within each state, and much of this legislation is causing a decentralization of power.

As this decentralization continues to develop, we will have others (such as principals, administrators, etc.) making the decisions on whether physical education will continue steadily to survive in the educational schools. If the public is not being shown that people are a viable component of the educational process, physical education then, health education, art, and musical education are going to lose. We are unique. No-one else offers what we offer, yet we aren’t selling that uniqueness. We want to survive on “this is the way it was done” or “this is actually the way it should be done.”

You must publicize the grade of your program.

Often so great many other issues require administrative attention that physical education can be regarded as a low concern. One of the ways to get this done and to help set up priorities is to have an advocate for physical education. Ask your principal for time to set up a physical education steering committee in your area, with reps from each educational school.

These staff can make an effort to make administrators, college board members, and parents aware of the need for physical education. All of the people who make decisions about allocation of resources need to be educated, so that everyone becomes aware of the need for fitness, good health, and activities that can promote physical education.

Volunteer for just about any committee work that even remotely affects physical education. Let the appropriate staff in your college know that you want to be engaged in establishing what is best for children in every area. Many physical educators resign themselves to staying in the background and looking forward to someone else to do the task.

When this occurs, someone without knowledge of your specialty will make decisions that can be counterproductive to your purpose. Ask those in charge of staff development to hold inservice programs that address the necessity of training physical educators in new practices and positive programs. Physical educators need to meet as a mixed group and discuss ways to carry each other accountable as experts.

AS a result, administrators will feel self-confident about physical education’s value and its own role in improving the learning of the child. HOW DO Physical Educators Gain Support and become Involved in the Total School Program? Physical educators in all schools need to play a role in the full total school program by taking on leadership jobs.