Give Your Lip Area Some Full Life!

Give Your Lips Some Life! With the current economic downturn, everyone is saving up and staying away from unnecessary spending. However, records have showed that during times of recession, there is an upsurge in the sales of lipsticks actually. Why is this so? The lipstick is a cheap and affordable makeup tool which can easily transform your entire face.

Not only can it brighten up that person, it can also help protect your lips from dryness and ultraviolet rays from sunlight even. Research has shown that we decide on a lip color according to our moods. Whenever we feel self-confident and wish to stand out among the crowds, we choose a captivating lip color. Whenever we feel the blues or seek oneness, we go for paler tones.

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Below are some tips I would like to share in order to draw out the best in your lips. Tip 1 Before applying your lipstick moisturize your lip area with a lip balm or a moisturizing cream so that the color stays on longer. Tip 2 You may wish to use a lip liner to redefine the shape of your lips, for example to make them smaller or make them fuller.

In such instances, go for a lip liner this is the same color as the lipstick. If you’re looking at more neutral tones, choose a lip liner that is close to your natural lip color. Tip 3-Powder your lipstick with your foundation, press them onto a tissue, and reapply them for better staying effects. Tip 4 If you have stained teeth and to have time to go to the dentist yet, use darker tones of reds, pinks, or dark brown as they shall make the teeth appear whiter. Tip 5 Always bring your compact lipstick for touch-up on the dinner or party date.

If there are pustules, then benzoyl peroxide 2% is a good prophylactic. It needs to be used all around the face once daily. If that doesn’t work, then 5% and up to 10% can be used but no more than 10% since it is incredibly drying to your skin. There are many drugstore products that have benzoyl peroxide. ProAcitv has it and another component (I believe salicyclic acid).

Alpha-hydroxy acids are also very good. The key is to exfoliate and get the useless skin cells out of the pores and to kill the bacteria that triggers the pustules. If all this doesn’t work, a visit to the dermatologist is in order. He/she has prescription-power products that will work (EpiDuo for just one, which also has benzoyl peroxide).

Or maybe a light peel to eliminate the excess pores and skin cells. So, I am hoping thus giving you some ideas. Great skin needed for great self-esteem at this age. You want your tween and teenager to look good so she/he seems good about herself/himself. When you have any questions about products, I am happy to answer them. Year Have a great school!

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