How I Started My Career AS BEING A Makeup Artist

I progressed to work on several makeup counters after declining a place at school. I cherished making someone feel good with the assistance of makeup, but really disliked the selling part of my job! My love for makeup grew and I knew it was what I needed to do forever. Over two years I thought we would be trained in all the different areas because at this time I had not been sure what area I needed to specialize in.

I cherished learning how to body color, make wigs, and was trained special effects makeup. These are skills I’ll always have so easily ever wished to get into a different part of the industry, That option is experienced by me. It is important to select a course that works for you, there are so many to choose from these full days. This route is not for everyone and there are extensive successful makeup artists who’ve built up their portfolio and brand without a qualification. As an exercise makeup artist you will need to build up your skills.

You are wonderful for free for the first few years whilst you get the name out there and network, as it’s a hard industry to break right into; but so satisfying when you do. While at university I did so test shoots and helped other makeup artists, generally unpaid work, which was a great way to start attaining experience in the industry.

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Working on makeup counters allowed me to build up an extensive kit. Being in London, nearby, or willing to travel is important if you would like to work in fashion, editorial, or celebrity work. When I finished college I put got a portfolio together from testing with other creatives and assisting other makeup artists whilst studying.

Alongside photoshoots and wedding makeup I began employed in a photography studio room. It was a great experience working with other makeup artists and learning how they proved helpful under time pressure as you only acquired 45 mins for locks and makeup to be completed. I enjoyed working in the fashion and beauty part of the industry including focusing on London fashion week, with the brand Collection 2000 and getting work highlighted in fashion periodicals.

I also experienced TV work and made a few short movies before specializing in Bridal Makeup. After accumulating my name within the bridal industry I’m lucky enough to have might work regularly featured on wedding weblogs and in journals. I have been recently listed in the top 50-makeup performers in the UK and have been voted the best makeup musicians in the West Midlands four years operating at the marriage industry honors!

As a makeup artist you need to constantly develop your skills and continue to time with the latest products, trends, and looks. You never stop learning as there’s always new technology, tendencies and techniques around the corner. I often take masterclasses with top industry makeup artists, watch YouTube tutorials and love reading makeup books. •Get a kit together, you don’t have to spend a fortune at the start. Do your research on YouTube and weblogs as to what products to invest in.

Do not wear tight clothes, if you are inclined to body acne. They don’t allow pores and skin to breathe and may cause irritation. Pay attention to hats and hats to; putting on such accessories might be the reason for your forehead burst. Do not wear makeup to bed and always choose products that are noncomedogenic.