Motor Vehicle Expenses (Such As Upkeep

Ex-gratia retrenchment obligations and outplacement support costs, where there is a complete cessation of business. If the automobile qualifies for capital allowance (goods/commercial vehicle), you can include the expense of COE to the expense of claim and vehicle capital allowance. Expenses incurred by the business on staff welfare or benefits that are taxable in the hands of employees do not automatically qualify for tax deduction and vice versa. Such expenses must meet the tax deductibility conditions to qualify for taxes deduction.

During that point I received my Bachelor’s in Biology, my Master’s in Ethology, and my veterinary level. AFTER I was 28 I had developed a serious experience and was “saved”, providing myself to Christ. Since I have dedicated myself to pursuing God then. I only mention my religious background to indicate which i didn’t always see the world and science through a Christian lens. Due to my education I took for granted every one of the things trained about development and kept that at my core.

I was decidedly against the Biblical view of technology, pets, and humans. But becoming Christian actually took my blinders off deeply. I began taking a look at the evidence and both comparative sides of the quarrels with open eyes. And I found my perspective changing. I’m not heading to persuade many die-hard scientists and the ones who are skeptical of religion.

But the greater I’ve learned all about science, biology, and astronomy, the more it has backed and deepened my perception in God. The sheer intricacies and fine detail of creation are perfect, and the greater I look at those details down to a subatomic level the harder I’ve believing that everything happened by arbitrary chance.

In fact, the odds are beyond perception. That’s not real research or analytical thinking. This is let’s assume that a certain way holds true because of where it ends up, rather than taking a look at the process. Just how do we go from inorganic chemicals to multicellular organisms exactly? We must have done so, right? Yet there are numerous problems with the process, namely that it was not completely explained.

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If you take a look at statistics sooner or later it’s likely that so astronomical they are effectively impossible. For instance, look at the odds of Jesus fulfilling 48 Old Testament prophecies as he did. This has been calculated as a 1 in 10 raised to the 157th power. Okay, 1 in a bajillion is the opportunity still, right?

Put that amount perspective. 10 to that many power is approximately the number of electrons in the known world. So Jesus fulfilling 48 prophecies is the same as someone reaching out in the entire universe, picking a single electron, and it being the correct one. Oh, and Jesus satisfied well over 300 prophecies about the messiah actually, so do the mathematics on that one.

Also retain in mind that odds are per instance, not cumulative. When you turn a gold coin, you have a 50% potential for it landing heads. Flipping it 100 times doesn’t boost your odds that a single flip will land minds. When you flip the coin, there is a 50/50 potential for landing on mind, no matter just how many times you try. Switch that to molecular bonds Now.

Let’s say a molecule has a 1 in 1 billion chance to bond in a different way to another molecule. In the event that you give it 100 million years, there is still that 1 in a billion chance every right time the two molecules come together. So the whole idea of enough time allowing some thing to happen isn’t just true.

What about life on other planets? Are we really that special? I do follow astronomy to some degree as well and there’s been a lot of discuss Earth-like planets being found that might be able to support life. But it isn’t as simple as being a certain distance from a sun and having liquid drinking water. Each kind of sunlight gives off different amount of heat and radiation. The rotational speed of the planet and its axial tilt is vitally important.