L’Oreal and its offspring Garnier. I was doing some research about parabens, what they are, what they’re in, what might be incorrect with them. And, using SkinDeep, I found out that all parabens are not created equal. There are a few completely benign parabens that could be in your makeup products, hair treatment and shower/bath products.

BUT, there is also a really unpleasant, you-should-stay-away-from-it, paraben. It’s name is SODIUM METHYLPARABEN. On the SkinDeep database there’s a summary of 163 products containing sodium methylparaben. The true way the list works, the higher the number, the more harmful the merchandise. 153 positions is L’Oreal “Kids 2 in 1 hair shampoo, extra gentle, burst of fruity apricot.” Not only does this hair shampoo contains sodium methylparaben, it also includes two other toxic chemicals — one of them a known disease fighting capability toxicant. THIS IS A SHAMPOO FOR CHILDREN!

Here’s the main element thing: you must read labels, particularly if you’re the main one buying products for babies and children. The companies that have not signed the Compact for Safe Makeup products do NOT Worry about your children. They do NOT CARE they are risking your children’s future health. They don’t CARE, they are risking the ongoing health of future generations. Note: Wish label doesn’t say “sodium methylparaben” onto it, doesn’t mean it’s not in there.

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  • Gentle Honey Cleanser
  • Wash hands before and after patient contact
  • Facial Wash
  • 2 tablespoons basic yogurt

This chemical goes on a dozen other names. I’ve adopted a simple guideline, since I cannot memorize all the possible brands. If a degree is necessary by me in chemistry to learn the label, I don’t buy the product. Now, it might be that the simply things I cannot pronounce and have never heard about, are non-toxic, even beneficial possibly. But, at this time I’m due to the fact product, I will put it back if it appears like something made in a laboratory rather than something I could grow. I know that’s too simplistic.

Perhaps the thing to do is carry around A Consumer’s Dictionary of Cosmetic Ingredients by Ruth Winter. There is a real lot to know about the stuff you placed on your skin and in hair and on your children’s pores and skin and hair. A lot. Too much actually. We shouldn’t have to know all of this chemistry.

At least that’s my feeling about any of it. L’Oreal is an enormous multi-national corporation. They don’t care about you or your children. I wish I could write to and convince the beautiful actresses that do L’Oreal and Garnier advertisements to stop promoting those products. I really like Penelope Cruz and Sarah Jessica Parker — they’re both wonderful. And it seems if you ask me that neither of these to do advertisements NEEDS.

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