Weary Willie Sad Clown Collectible Dolls

When I see Weary Willie collectible dolls or listen to the name Emmett Kelly, I, as most enthusiasts have a picture at heart of the heart-tugging character immediately, Weary Willie (W.W.), that Kelly created. Actually, it appeared that the person and the character were inseparable. Many people, way when and into the present back, just see the body as Emmett Kelly (E.M.). In fact, when I saw the large sad-faced hobo clown doll first, I heard myself stating with glee in my own tone of voice, “Oh, an Emmett Kelly doll! I used to be mesmerized from the moment I saw the hobo clown doll.

A little part of me was holding itself quiet exactly like I did so when I would await Emmet Leo Kelly, Sr. to talk when he was on center stage on TV. He had a way of holding his audience’s full attention without speaking an individual word. The comedian was masterful in his presentation on TV, and I could picture he was the same buffoon during his circus functions.

W.W. acquired that sad-sack look to excellence down. In character, E.K., Sr. appeared to carry the weight of the world on his shoulder blades. Oddly, his sad face made people feel good. It appeared like he had the ability to lift a little of the cares of the world off our very own shoulders, for those short precious occasions that he entertained us.

America’s most famous and recognizable clown icon was masterminded by comic Emmett Kelly Sr. At that right time, clowns were depicted with white makeup and happy encounters. But, his vision for a sad-faced hobo clown met some level of resistance with the management but quickly gained the hearts of audiences just about everywhere he performed then. Probably the right part of his action that followers waited for the most was when W.W. ‘s beam. The location would maneuver around on the floor, and he’d get it smaller, but it totally disappeared even as we watched in delight never. We were blessed again in 1960 when Emmett Kelly once Jr. resurrected a not quite as unhappy hobo character.

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That saying, “Like dad, like son”, became possible for them, and many wonderful smiles for us as they raised us to a particular place. Sadly, it was not exactly a “passing of the baton”, from father to kid. As the father was not whatsoever pleased with his son’s re-creation of the role and there have been some hard emotions between them for many years. Among my dearly departed aunts acquired an Emmett Kelly Jr. figurine shown on the top of her China cabinet. I did like all the old colorful glassware, but my eyes were always attracted to the hand-painted ceramic Weary Willie clown doll figure.

Someday I hope to get some good photos of that sad-faced clown figurine. It has been devoted storage for safe keeping since my auntie passed away. I will ask about doing a personal photo shoot with the world-famous icon, Weary Willie’s keepsake doll. See results Cut-Up Emmett Kelly – What’s My Line?

He was born on December 9, 1898 – and died on March 28, 1979. He was an American circus hobo clown created through the Great Depression. The son of Emmet Kelly also performed the character while making the magic occur on center stage. He was treasured by many supporters but was never the same as his beloved Dad. The hobo clown retired.