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Choose any small business in your area and carryout a feasibility study of that business. The broiler plantation is a project of livestock sector, in which, the day old chicks (DOCs) are elevated on high proteins feed for a period of six weeks. This business can be began both in rural and semi-urban areas in sheds. The Poultry sheds can be had on rental basis. These sheds have all the required facilities for the broiler farm.

The lease cost varies between Rs 1 to Rs 2 per square ft depending upon the positioning and facilities at the plantation. The broiler wild birds can be purchased to traders and the complete sellers markets in the urban areas. Sometimes birds can be sold directly to the shopkeepers in the urban markets also. Broiler farming is a profitable venture with respect to the demand of the meat on the market.

Annually, six flocks of parrots will be elevated on a single premises of the farm. Broiler meat is the cheapest way to obtain animal protein available in the country. The proper time necessary for increasing broiler birds is reduced than that for big animals. The intake of white meat is increasing due to growing health consciousness in the masses.

  • The franchisee manages outlets
  • Valid recognition (driver’s permit, passport)
  • Create an employee handbook
  • Property Liability
  • Identify the activities/processes
  • 8 T shaped fixtures
  • Knowing what help is available
  • Make sure your security password is long sufficient

According to the Agriculture Statistics of Pakistan the per capita consumption of poultry meats is increasing at a rate of 4% per annum. It correlates with the income degree of the consumers. 26 grams according to the World Health Organization standards. Figure 1-1 shows the shortage of protein availability in Pakistan.

A broiler farm with a people of 7,500 birds that is made in a rented building, needs a capital investment around Rs 64,040 for purchasing plantation machinery and equipment. A broiler farm of about 5,000 thousand birds is known as to be an viable size economically, that will justify functional and set costs.

In this pre-feasibility research, all the calculations have been predicated on a flock size of 7,500 birds, with increasing six flocks per year. There will be a lag time of two weeks for fumigation and cleaning of the plantation. The generation line of broiler originates from pure line, which is imported. This produces grand parents for parent parent and stocks stock finish up in producing the final product. Day old broiler from hatcheries The farmers get.

These hatcheries maintain their breeder farms, or in some cases, purchase their hatching eggs from breeder farms. These breeder farms rely on companies of mother or father stock. Poultry give food to mills will be the major player in the chicken industry, which create a specific formula give food to mix. Poultry feed consists of wealthy proteins elements like grains, gluten, blood meal, fishmeal and soyabean meal. The major element of cost of production of chicken meat makes up about feed cost.

In the year 1997, in Pakistan, there were about 15,732 broiler farms that produced 198.6 million broilers in the season 2000 down from 290 million parrots. The marketing of chickens follows the traditional channels of distribution. Generally, broilers are distributed in the market through middlemen (Arti) and wholesalers. The role of Arti is to recognize a farm and negotiate the purchase price.

In some instances, the middleman provides Day Old Chicks and other farm inputs (give food to, etc.) to the broiler farmers and then agrees to buy back the mature birds from them. Birds are transported to the urban market and are sold to retailers or market-street poultry shops. Birds can be purchased on live-weight basis.