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The talking seat, with apologies to Sir Winston Churchill. At the Comex silver depositories Wednesday last statistics were: Registered 62.63 Moz, Eligible 112.68 Moz, Total 175.31 Moz. The bent, the seriously bent, and the doubled over totally. Today we let David Stockman covers yesterday’s sad US GDP report. Through the heyday of post-war success between 1953 and 1971, real final sales–a better way of measuring economic growth than GDP because it filter systems out inventory fluctuations–grew at a 3.6% annual rate. And now the morning’s punk GDP report in which growth stayed above the flat-line with a hair only credited to a massive inventory build, the contrast is even more dramatic.

The long and in short supply of it, therefore, is that there has been a dramatic downshift in the tendency rate of financial growth during an era in which central bank intervention and stimulus have been immeasurably enlarged. In this respect, how big is the fed’s balance sheet is the telltale measure of its policy intrusion. Thus, the old-fashioned business of pegging the Federal money rate and the new-fangled intrusion of massive relationship buying under-QE are all the same maneuver. They both involve the development of the central bank or investment company balance sheet and, therefore, the systematic injection of fraud into the economic climate.

That is to say, growth on the asset aspect of the Fed’s balance sheet involves the acquisition of financial promises that occur from the use of real labor and capital resources. That contrasts with the responsibility side of the Fed’s balance sheet, which expands the dollar for money with the asset part, but represents nothing more than bottled financial aid collected from its digital printing press.

Stated differently, the Fed’s fundamental tool of open market purchases of public debts and other securities, and the enlargement of its balance sheet therefore, embodies the exchange of claims predicated on something for credits made from nothing at all. 100 trillion by a few keystrokes on the Fed’s computers–if they open up market desk may find enough public personal debt, private debt, equities, and even seashells to buy and stash on the asset part. But questions of likelihood or practicality aside, the basic principle is that the liability side of the Fed’s balance sheets represents spending power made out of nothing.

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  • Larry Swedroe, from the written book, “What Wall Street Doesn’t Want One to Know.”

More. Much, much more. Solar & Related Update. With events taking place fast in the introduction of solar power, I’ve added this new section. Updates as they get reported. Below, solar information from South Australia. Australia’s only free declare that had taken some of Britain’s transported convicts never. A field of solar panels floating atop a wastewater pond in South Australia has been hailed as an environmental breakthrough that could even prove popular with tourists.

The place hailed as the first of its type in Australia, has been built at a wastewater treatment service at Jamestown in the state’s middle north. Company director Felicia Whiting said the water cools the panels, making them more efficient. For the one-megawatt vegetable, that’s about 70,000 kiloliters a year.

Busy roads feature beautiful mansions but you might be a bit more isolated. Popular churches: Episcopal, Presbyterian, Catholic, and Methodist. Colleges in the immediate area are UMS-Wright Preparatory private McGill-Toolen and college Catholic SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL. Catholic lower schools are St. Mary’s and St. Pius. The only lower open public elementary school worthwhile looking into is the Council Traditional Magnet school, but it is a lottery system, but if you get into this, Phillips Prep general public is a warranty then.