Month To Month Fitness Journey

These last couple of weeks have been a bit of the whirlwind. Between trying to find babysitters and everything with the cat plus stressful situations at work and still trying to keep up with my Fit Girls Jumpstart. But I’ve good news! Twitch appears to be adjusting well to my house. It looks like he was a house cat before he was dumped within my facility. So he could be trained and all that litterbox.

His leg is still healing, but it seems like he messed with it and today it’s blood loss again, therefore I guess I’m going to be buying one thing to completely clean and cover it up. Bella still isn’t liking us getting a cat now but I’m sure she will get used to him eventually and I won’t have to keep him restricted in my laundry room.

As for my weight loss trip I am doing very well. The weight loss has been slow but as long as I am still viewing a loss on the scale, I am happy. I have been losing some inches as well. While I haven’t had the opportunity to do each and every workout every week, I am training most times of the week versus my normal of MAYBE once weekly, twice if I really made myself. This jumpstart has really pushed me to make training part of my regular routine. Of weeks three in support of have one week left of the challenge Now I am nearing the end, my end goals are simple pretty.

  • 10-grain = 648 mg. I used bone food powder instead of tablets
  • Positive answers shows Weight Gain
  • You’re Taking Birth Control
  • Indigestion (dyspepsia)
  • Want to reduce the risks of age-related ailments and accidents
  • Hire personal trainer
  • Download a macro calculator
  • Too much emotional upset (including stress)

I want to see myself from the 230s and into the 220s again. I am just 2 pounds from this goal, so I know it could be created by me happen. I am sharing my results of the challenge once I’m done. Life in general has really been good toall.

My ex-girlfriend or boyfriend is departing SOON. No more having the house watched 24/7 or fretting about whether he’ll be visiting girls or not. Forget about having him all in my business. Work isn’t the best, and is about to get worse, but I’m keeping very positive these days thanks to my antidepressants. And I am happy to announce that I’ve a potential love interest again. We have been talking since Christmas and he could be starting to warm up to the idea of being with a woman that has two children. Him devoid of kids himself, of course it shall be an adjustment. But we are taking things slow and I couldn’t be happier. I am thrilled to see the actual last half of the entire year will bring with many of these changes happening.

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