MY ENTIRE LIFE Needs An Easy Button

We just returned from Spring Break in Orlando with our 4 year-old daughter and 2 year-old child. I do a whole great deal of reading and researching for our trip therefore I experienced prepared. You will find loads of guidebooks out there but I came across Birnbaum’s guide to be the most informative and concise.

It was well organized and includes maps and itineraries to help you intend. Luckily for us, our accommodation got a washer and clothes dryer in it therefore I didn’t need to pack clothing for each day. Depending on what time of the year you are in Orlando, the weather can fluctuate.

While we were there we went from brief sleeves and shorts to denims and sweatshirts and back again. Orlando is famous for rain showers also. I purchased ponchos before we went for only a few dollars each, which is all these were worth. Do yourself a favor and purchase GOOD ponchos. Comfort items are crucial. Just because you’re on holiday doesn’t mean you should alter your normal bedtime regimen because let’s face it — your kids need their sleep.

Mine brought their cushion dogs, a favorite stuffed animal and two books that people rotated for bedtime stories. We also loaded nighttime lighting. Hotel rooms are extremely very dark. After reading various blogs, I brought along Ziploc hand bags in various sizes also. I was happy to have it protect my iPhone your day it poured!

We chose not to bring our baby stroller. Both kids are old enough to walk through the airport and I’ve never been a fan of collapsing the best stroller and wanting to press it through the X-ray machine. The baby strollers at Disney are costly and are just plastic material platforms with a sun shield.

100 I could rent a double child stroller with a rainfall cover, small chiller, and insurance from Kingdom Strollers. They lowered it off and picked it up from our hotel even. I chose the double in case my 4-year old got tired. It turned out that she rode it in more than the 2-12 months old.

  1. Can remove some makeup
  2. My cheeks feel elastic and glowy
  3. Helps decrease the risk of epidermis aging, skin malignancy and other dangerous effects of the sun
  4. 8 years back from OKLAHOMA
  5. 2 5.5″ x 8.5″ linens of Mirri Matte Lava Purple Paper
  6. Cleansing schedule

To help defray a few of our in-park costs, I signed up for the Disney Visa credit card and used it religiously to cover groceries, gas, every month, and other buys and then paid it off in full. 4 buckets of popcorn was barely eaten. UPDATE 2/10/14 — Disney now offers Memory Maker of the Photo Pass CD to buy in advance instead.

This includes photos from all the PhotoPass locations, plus dining, character, and attraction photos. Afterward you get digital copies of all the images. 199 at the park). While you are there, be sure to check your images. Most appear within 24 hours online. By checking my account, I was able to see our pic taken on Main Street didn’t have the castle in it so we were able to get it retaken.