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Most folks receive only 4% of Federal government taxes breaks like food stamps and Earned Income Credit if you are poor or the property tax and home loan credit if you are middle class. The Tax-Credit class will pay less income tax with capital dividends and increases since it is “unearned.” So, if you actually work; you are taxed MORE. For instance, Warren Buffett pays 17% on revenue while we pay 33% total tax.

The tax-credit class will pay NOTHING on property they got from a “rich uncle” and on their home when they sell. Most of us don’t “itemize” so we lose all sorts of tax credits. We pay 33% of income for many taxes. We are nickel and dimed for 97 types of taxes. The Tax-Credit class deducts medical expenditures, job work, and hunting expenditures not reimbursed by others, deferred payment (reward and stock stock portfolio well worth more later), investment loans, and costs, investment deficits, stuff they lose, stuff they own.

They can eliminate the tax by listing loss from structures, race horses, farms, oil, businesses, and leasing they own as companions, LLCs, C, and S corps. 916 million but the majority of it was other people’s money. Some bank or investment company debt was terminated which normally is taxable but not after RE lobbyists got Congress to improve guidelines in 1993. Trump is tax-FREE for 18 years.

If we have learned anything during this election, it is that if you are wealthy you can get away with anything: 1. Sexual assault on women. 2. Not paying fees. 3. The simple truth is whatever you say it keeps saying it is-just. 4. Use taxes laws and regulations to defraud investors and employees.

  1. Quality, structure, and sources of capital
  2. Use bank cards as financing of last resort
  3. Does your club lease a practice facility? …or, do you use some one’s private home
  4. T = ln(A/P) / n[ln(1 + r/n)] = [ ln(A) – ln(P) ] / n[ln(1 + r/n)]

5. Wall Street has no political party-follow the amount of money. There seems to be no limit for The Don’s contempt for culture; for us. Remember at the beginning he said: “I could shoot someone on 5th Ave and wouldn’t lose voters.” Now I believe him. Whatever sickness he has, it seems that when you are powerful economically, you can certainly do anything as a business person. You will find no moral bounds. It’s the brand-new York structure industry dressed up nice. If you fancy yourself as a winner with women, you inform a 10-year-old you will soon time her. You get a “beauty” pageant, which means you can go into the locker room to watch contestants dress.

1 billion on your offers and use personal bankruptcy to stiff workers and traders and brag about not paying your reasonable share. If you’re a political person, you never quit saying whatever gets you power and votes. As working Americans, we purchase this dishonesty and sexual exploitation in some way. There is only a very important factor we can do. Christies and Sotherby’s are banking institutions when the price is right. The wealthy can use art they own as collateral for further art or cash.