How To PRODUCE A Website Launch Announcement

Have a while and a budget? Design a creative handout. ” Highlight key areas, provide FAQ’s & don’t forget responses forms! Provide incentive to go to the site. If you’re starting an ecommerce website, provide things like coupons and free delivery offers in your announcements. 3. When you have a commercial blog, make sure you have an article queued up before the start and that means you can distribute it in parallel to the site going live. Prepare yourself to monitor those remarks!

Also, the website offers many step-by-step, how-to videos for making a wide variety of cultured foods. I recommend you check them out highly! Strawberry or Cherry Kefir: Take 3/4 to at least one 1 cup of fresh, sliced strawberries or cherries and gently heat them in a saucepan to release their juices. Allow the heated fruit to come to room temperature. Add the cooled fruit and 3 cups strained, simple refer to a blender and mix until simple. Add 5-10 drops of liquid stevia to taste.

You might also wish to add vanilla draw out. If heir becomes too thick after refrigeration, simply add additional dairy and mix until desired persistence. Try this variation with other berries! Chocolate Kefir: Heat 1/2 cup dairy, 3 tablespoons unsweetened cocoa powder and 1/2 teaspoon stevia powder in a saucepan. Stir constantly until natural cocoa powder dissolves no lumps stay. Remove from heat and invite to cool.

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Stir again and add this mix and 3 cups plain refer to a blender. Add 1/2 teaspoon vanilla mix and remove until even. Taste and add additional sweetening as desired. Store in the refrigerator. Other uses for kefir: Create your own flavored kefir by trying different fruits! Use kefir in your smoothies or even to make kefir snow cream (see my Pumpkin Pecan Kefir Ice Cream formula here).

You can make kefir cheese (similar to cream cheese) from thick, dairy refer by allowing the whey to drain from the kefir right away through a fine-mesh strainer lined with several levels of cheese material. Note: Non-dairy kefir usually isn’t as solid as dairy kefir and may not work for making kefir cheese. Dietary Information per 1/2 cup serving shall differ depending on the kind of milk used and other taste improvements. Plain kefir will have approximately the same nutritional information as the milk used to make it. Check the packaging label on the milk carton.

Scroll down and click on Show Hidden Files and Folders. Click Ok. You will go directly to the C: Documents and Settings.User or Administrator.Local Settings.Temp folder. Delete everything inside the Temp folder. When you browse the internet a lot of short-term internet documents gets stored in the internet folder along with the cookies.