Makeup Marketing And Beauty Guru Culture

I have been viewing “Beauty Gurus” on some form of social media for more than a decade now. Because makeup is a tactile and visual medium, words only far to go so. If you cannot be there personally with a makeup artist or fellow makeup lover, video is probably the next most sensible thing.

With the explosion in the variety of sociable media platforms during the last several years, BGs have found wider viewers and sustained Internet (and sometimes IRL) fame. The current environment/status of BGs as “influencers” (to use the sterile and slightly horrifying term) is an incident of everyone attempting to have their wedding cake and eat it too. Marketing is rooted in the practice of manipulating the human being psyche to bring about desired behavior (in this case, the required behavior is to buy.) I see a few common ideas about marketing at play in today’s BG culture.

In this example, housewives in the 1950s all across America were sold on the New Cleaning Product X just because a female whose life was exactly like their own told them Product X worked well. Well, our housewife thought, that woman appears just like my sister/mother/friend from outside. I trust her because she seems like she understands my needs, because they’re her needs too.

And a million Average Jane commercials and advertisements were born. Companies constantly develop ways to hit that nerve and get their potential customers to feel that someone you trust vouches for this. This impulse fits into people’s group mentality, where performing clannish and possessing a reliable network makes them feel safe and like they belong to a supportive community. In this particular other method, there was the gorgeous celebrity, who the same housewife got only seen in soft-focus motion pictures and retouched newspaper spreads ever.

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  • 1940s Makeup Tips
  • After thoroughly cleaning the ear area
  • Then, apply moisturizing sunscreen
  • Contact with metals like, platinum, magic, nickel, copper etc
  • Infused with Vitamin B, E, and Arctium Majus Root to hydrate and soothe
  • Moisturiser: YOUR BODY Shop’s Vitamin C Glow Boosting Moisturiser
  • The Court of Thorns and Roses Saga by Sarah J. Maas

She was impossibly beautiful, cosmopolitan, and has everything our housewife dreams of, though she lives in Ohio, comes with an insurance salesman husband, and challenges with uneven skin tone. But wait around, the actress has endorsed and credited Face Creamy on her behalf-perfect complexion. Even if our housewife can’t have the actress’ life time, she can obtain a small slice of it.

And that makes the purchase of Face Creamy a transformative, hopeful work. It’s rooted in the need to be like someone else because you think their life is superior to yours for some reason(s.) Humans react in patterns of behavior that allow us to be manipulated by certain techniques.

This is not reserved for people of days gone by, or women, it’s all of us. Today So that brings us to. We know for a fact that companies use BGs to market to us. We recognize that they are the personable mouthpiece for multiple faceless corporations often. But are they The Trusted Consumer? Why yes, girl, they have man troubles, they eat pizza in their sweatpants, they struggle existentially.

How terrifically relatable- they may be like everyone else! Beauty Guru Culture has transformed into this monolithic marketing machine that is basically the apex of manipulation. It inspires a Golden Solution feels in ordinary women and women. BGs and their sponsorships/brand partners are trying to have their cake and eat it too, by presenting figures who speak simultaneously to, “Trusted compatriot” urge and to the inspirational “I’d like her life” vibe. We all want to feel connected to others.

Sometimes we want the equivalent of a friend who will commiserate with our troubles. Sometimes we want someone to emulate, who will encourage us to get greater. Both of these aspects are manipulated expertly by companies who make good use of BG sponsorships and partnerships. Why SHOULD I Care? I enjoy the existing weather and saturation of the BG market actually.