Adam Markus: Graduate Admissions Guru: 9/1/08

Interviewee (“MBA/MPH”) background: He is a 2nd 12 months student in the UC Berkeley MBA/MPH program. He has over seven years’ business experience. He was born and elevated in Japan and he worked as a management advisor focused on the healthcare industry and was a manager in a consumer-goods company. In the latter position, his regions of responsibility included consumer research and market/target strategy development for a global brand in Japan and Korean market. Upon graduation, he aspires to donate to enhance the quality of service and financial balance of health-care providers.

ADAM: You are in the MBA/MPH Program. How is that different from the regular MBA Program? Just how many students are in your program? Typically, we’ve around 10-15 MBA/MPH students each year and most of them have a good amount of work experience in the healthcare industry. MBA/MPH: In my first year, I had taken Haas core courses aside from Macroeconomics, that is waived by passing a waiver exam. Plus, I got “the introduction of U.S.”, “strategic management of healthcare business”, and “Social Sector Solution (class- consulting task for not-for-profit business with McKinsey consultants)”, which was required course for MBA/MPH students. I also took “consumer behavior” from Haas and “healthcare information services”, provided by the institution of Information.

Haas is well integrated with other institutions and I can simply take classes from those institutions. That allows me to access know more people with different history and interest and me with a unique perspective. With this semester, I am taking programs from the institution of public Health including epidemiology mainly, international health care economics, independent study with a teacher about healthcare quality. Also, I am taking healthcare fund and service strategy programs from Haas. And, I take beginning Danish solely from my interest (that does not count as units for graduation).

  • All my flights with them within the last 10+ years
  • Be honest about who you are
  • 10% of individuals in U.K owned 72% of its wealth
  • General casualty
  • Integrated CMS
  • 29 Functional and Original
  • Electrical and Machine Tool Shop

I am planning to have a course from the institution of Architecture in Spring together with classes from Haas. ADAM: What does one do last summer season? MBA/MPH: I split my last summer months between two internships. In early summer, I went back to Tokyo and I worked at a consulting firm in Tokyo on a project for a pharmaceutical company. I came back to the U.S. ADAM: What does Berkeley’s slogan, “Leading Through Innovation,” mean for you?

HAAS 2Y: First of all, innovation does not imply just “technology innovation” and it ought to be understood to have a broader meaning. Innovation, I believe, should be in any industries in various ways. ADAM: How important is team/group just work at Haas? MBA/MPH: First, no business is done by a person no business is performed only with mathematics or computation. I think students at Haas recognize that and we seriously value collaboration and others’ point of views.

I don’t find out about other schools, but we are basically not keen on getting an “A”, rather, we value getting unique insights or attempting something that inspires us. We’ve a good amount of work for every group we are designated by the school (especially in the first semester) and obviously it isn’t easy initially due to differences of background, experience, and culture of each pupil. But, we are get used to it as we realize each other well and understand each other’s value. ADAM: Are you active in any clubs? MBA/MPH: I am an associate of H2B2 (Haas Healthcare and Bio-Business), Soccer Club, and Net Impact Club.

I participated in Net Impact case competition held in Boulder, Colorado with 3 classmates in the summer. I used to be also on the mentoring committee for inbound college student come early July. These club activities helped me to expand my network of friendship. ADAM: Are there any common characteristics you find among your classmates? MBA/MPH: I don’t know about other’s college so my answer may be subjective.