My Inspire(d) Life

If you’re scanning this, then you’re probably an enthusiast as well so you don’t need to brag on Graeme too much but suffice it to say, we as cyclists are better because of him. So continue to keep on what you’re doing Graeme. I’m 47 years old, a mother of 2 wonderful boys, a wife of an avid cyclist (more on that later) and privately I pursue my very own fitness business for ladies.

I was raised in the Midwest caring all sports and practically lived at the fitness center, rolling in one season to another. I had been always motivated by the team sports activities and think that’s why I love training sets of women so much. Feeling and Viewing the synergy and the associations that are designed with women assisting women is incredible.

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I’ll provide you with the condensed version. April of this year I, my husband (the avid cyclists and racer) was from a simple training ride when strike by a car. He suffered damaged vertebrae in the cervical and thoracic backbone, plus a damaged clavicle and loss of hearing in one ear (being tossed into a eucalyptus tree at the swiftness).

Fortunately, he is alive, walking, hearing (with a hearing help now) and it is back to work after weeks of recovery and is currently working on rehabilitation. He, believe it or not is stressed to reunite on the bicycle because that is exactly what he wants to do. Following this happened I had to relax and think about just how much I want to invest from a risk standpoint in this sport of cycling.

What started as a fun hobby and then business offered me new pause now to believe if it’s really worth the risk (considering a family group and other things). At the same time, I was urged to try a new, much safer sport (e.g. no vehicles to contend with) called monitor cycling. A lot of you almost certainly know this sport and think it’s great.

So, on May 24th, 2008 a girlfriend of mine, Paige and I decided to try it out (after some persusasion from our husbands who got told us how much fun it was). So for the last couple of months I’ve gone through every range of emotion, having experienced my good friend suffer such an awful injury and recognizing that things won’t ever be the same. I vowed I’d NEVER ever ride again from then on day. The road would never be the same again after my husband’s accident, and now a place that I thought I would be safe ended in tragedy. I learned that things are certain to get better with time Then.

Never the same but time will heal. Never forgetting, and feeling a deep wound but curing by myself time always, nobody else’s calendar. And believe me I’ve received a lot of gentle prodding from some of the same women I’ve trained and motivated over the years — now they’ve become my inspiration. 9/11 for a few unusual reason I woke up and got the pedals back again on my street bike and went for a short ride by myself.

It sensed good. Different, even more cautious than ever before maybe. Not as intense for sure and simply a good ride. Yesterday I rode with ladies from my group in the Princess Promenade – a ride to benefit women’s charities. I finished up doing 40 and it was on a paved path along the American River — just ideal for me. Since then I’ve ridden once or twice a week, now with a couple of ladies. I might even try mountain biking soon (again one of my girlfriends asking me to try it out).

So goals — just to ease back into this idea of cycling and take action by myself time. I am committed to getting stronger again and back to my routine of working out with Graeme. I’ve got lots of other new ideas for workouts that incorporate Graeme’s stuff as well as new things too – I’ll try and post a video eventually.