And It Was Cherished By Me Personally

I have accepted my offer with the organization department of Austin Firm. In September of 2008 I’ll be a full-time employee for the very first time in my life and I’m really looking forward to it! I liked my summer-season experience at the Firm and I feel like it’s a location where I could successfully have a family group and be an attorney. Yes, it’ll be difficult plus some sacrifices will be produced along the true way, but most of the attorneys there are happily balancing the two.

It’s such a nice group of people. I never, ever could have thought I’d be a corporate lawyer. When I came to law school I thought I wanted to instruct. But once I figured out you need to be a legal genius and revel in things like research and legislation review, I ditched that plan and experienced no basic idea what I would do with my JD. I didn’t think I liked litigation and I’d never really had a business class or any interest in running a business-related things.

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My dad has an MBA and my hubby have a qualification in Finance and nothing they talked about got ever sounded interesting if you ask me. During 1L the only course that I treasured was I hated agreements property-, civ pro, and crime. Torts was acceptable only because most of the full cases were so ridiculous they were funny. And it was liked by me. Corporations Law and Securities Regulation will be the two most enjoyable classes I’ve taken since genetics in college. I found the topic genuinely interesting- I even began reading the Wall Street Journal and hearing when JP and my dad discussed business.

I do not know why I loved the SEC read a lot more than the civil process ones, but I did so. I love the freedom and creativity associated with corporate laws- you can certainly do pretty much anything you want as long as you disclose it. Transactions are started and completed within weeks and weeks than years rather. You’re creating something or making something happen rather than fighting claims or perceived wrongs. My corporate work came early July confirmed my initial thoughts- this is certainly the area of law for me personally. I love minutia and repetition and record review didn’t trouble me.

I felt like the organization associates acquired more client contact- when you’re dealing with small companies (common in Austin, even for a large firm), you really become that CEO or president’s legal counselor in areas beyond a certain deal. 1 hours, then it’s worthwhile because you would be gone for the bulk of those hours working at any job- but this way, it’s more worthy of that sacrifice. I’m not sure which makes sense, but it spoke to me at the time really.

Corporate rules are also more popular for in-house positions, and that’s something I’m definitely thinking about down the road. So I’m worked up about what the next few years will bring. Personally I think lucky to have found a company (and a city) that I can be this positive about. Several of the attorneys had babies in legislation college, so I’m not doing anything groundbreaking by starting utilize a toddler. In Austin we can buy a homely house, get a dog, raise a grouped family, and work at careers we enjoy. It will not be perfect, but I believe it’s going to be quite darn good.

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