Recovering A Database From An Alternate Hard Drive

This should be a final resort recovery work, only used if you have no current database on some type of computer with Campground Master, and no alternative backup file. When you have a recent backup or you have any computer that can run Campground Master and has current data, use the task “Copying to a fresh Computer” in the previous section. 1. Download & set up Campground Master from our internet site.

2. Use New database to make a data source on the new computer, to set up its location mainly. 3. Copy the info documents from the old hard drive / data location to the new data source location. 4. Make sure the correct data source file is defined as a default. No authorization code is necessary for installation, since that’s in your old database. These are given generally terms because specifics might vary.

Only basic computer knowledge is required for most steps. If you’re uncertain how to execute a particular step, seek advice from your personal computer support person. 2. Locate a set-up drive or download file for the same version you’ve been running. All major variations can be downloaded from our website if necessary. If you’re not certified for the latest version, use the “Previous Versions” button near the top of that web page to find your version. If you can’t locate the precise version then use the next higher version, supposing you’re certified to upgrade to it — but make sure to also upgrade any other computer systems that will still be using Campground Master.

NOTE: Usually, do not use your original set up drive unless you’re sure it’s the same version you’ve been working. You don’t have to set up from an older version disk if you are heading to be installing an updated version from the website anyhow. 3. Install the correct version of Campground Master (from the drive/download in step 2 2) onto the new computer. 4. Run Campground Master.

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It doesn’t matter whether you insert the test (demonstration) database or not. However if it lots some old data source and you do not know the login password, then you may need to download the sample data source so that you can get logged in (automatically). This might require downloading the “Free demonstration” from the website, if you longer have a Demo icon to begin it from no.

5. Head to Maintenance / New Database (creates a fresh database file). It will ask you for a data source name, so get into the same name as your database used before if you remember it. However it isn’t essential that it is the same, we’ll handle that later. That is mainly just to initialize the correct data folder. 6. This is actually the most complicated part if you’re not a seasoned computer user.