The Bloomin’ Couch

We’re taking a look at all of my favorites for Feb today, from movies to skincare to music; everything is covered. So let’s get right into it! As always, you will get every one of the images on my Pinterest boards, and none of the images belong to me, unless of course stated normally.

First up, of the month the melody. I figure easily put this up first, you have something to listen to while you check out the remaining post. It’s another older music, but it’s such a cool tune and absolutely I really like the designer! Yup, it’s ginger-man himself, Ed Sheeran, with me see fire (in the Hobbit).

And no, I still haven’t seen the movie, I love the tune just. My makeup looks of the month are these two. I really like the colors in the first one, it’s absolutely mind blowing. I must say I want to get one of these appear to be this sometime! The second image (the purple haired one) is a look I did so somewhere through the month on my cousin, Anschke.

We got some pictures for the cover of my Roxanne novel (watch this space). I’ll upload some photos of the capture next week. My person of the month is Sherly Temple, who sadly passed on this month. But her talent remains forever on film! I love this newborn photo! The final time (well, for a few months to be exact ;P) I’ve been very thinking about baby picture taking and I enjoy taking pictures a lot. Which explains why I’ve been taking a good deal of photos.

Haha. Anyway, Pinterest is a whirlpool of photography ideas, which is among the best ones I’ve seen. Speaking of my photo-taking skills, of the month this is my favorite photo. Day while I was playing around I had taken this one of Kayla one. I just love her almost shy expression!

I have two favorite movies this month. I couldn’t choose between the two, because these were both plenty amazing. The first one is the new Disney, Frozen. And then I found Epic finally, which as the name explains well pretty. I finally got to see season three of Sherlock, which is my favorite series for Feb. And I am made by it want to hang Steven Moffat by his friggen toenails.

And dunk him in drinking water. Or something. My reaction was like ‘is not nobody got time for dat’ once I heard he wants to leave the seasons four until 2016! It’s slow torture, is exactly what it is. My art picks for the month. This first one is named ‘Two sides of the battle’ by LucasParolin.

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I think the perspective is brilliant and it reminds us that for basically every success in life, another person had to lose. It’s a fairly grabbing piece. I’ve no idea who decorated this one, or the actual name is, but it’s pretty darn cool. I wonder where she’s off to.

And if she’s wondering where her mummy is. This is called ‘Damsels’ by Ryuloulou. I mean, who couldn’t love this? It’s a mermaid in the moonlight for crying aloud! Which fin in the water is amazing. Places I’d love to go now include these two. The foremost is Beavers Bend State Park in Oklahoma, Hohenwerfen castle in Austria. That is my product of the month, Annique’s rescue creme.

You can put this baby on anything. ANYTHING, I tell ya. From sunburn to insect bites, to baby bum allergy to bruises and cuts. Animal cruelty free, costed, and locally proudly Southern African reasonably. It’s a product worth trying. If you’re in the Westrand, you can buy one of these from my aunt at Roibossieka!