Bolt Threads Launches Eighteen B To Commercialize Silk Skincare

Wray should know. Going back a decade, she’s researched silk as a biomedical engineer. She gained her doctorate from Tufts, where she worked well in a pioneering lab that developed ways to use silk proteins to tissue executive and regenerative medicine. Five years back, she became a member of Bolt Threads, a 5-year-old company commercializing new materials then.

200 covers, and well as Mylo, leather-like materials that are manufactured out of mycelium, the underground main framework of mushrooms. Wray’s job at the company was to help develop new uses for lab-produced silk, and today, the company is announcing one new application of this technology: skincare. Bolt Threads has launched a new company called Eighteen B entirely, which debuts with two products, a moisturizer and cream, both of which use silk as an integral ingredient.

Wray is offering as the chief scientific officer of this new direct-to-consumer startup. Silk has been found in the wonder industry for some right time, with brands like Silk BioSilk and Therapeutics utilizing it as a key ingredient in their products. Silk proteins can serve as a barrier to protect hair roots and your skin, which makes them a good ingredient in conditioner and moisturizer. But most brands use hydrolyzed silk protein, which means that the chemical structure of the silk has been split into smaller components with the help of water, diluting its effects.

Wray says that Eighteen B is different from these other brands because the company has found a way to manufacture the silk protein without hydrolyzing it or degrading it, that allows it to retain more of its valuable properties. “If you think of the silk protein as a pearl necklace, hydrolyzing breaks aside each one of the pearls,” Wray clarifies.

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= $ =p=# these were put by =”You can’t. Eighteen B’s protein, which it has trademarked under the true name “B-silk,” is designed to use the structural proteins within the skin, like collagen and elastin. The ongoing company says that the merchandise will form a breathable, protective barrier that will help the skin retain moisture, while also firming and smoothing your skin over time.

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