The ‘softer’ Side Of True Autumn

I’ve been considering a lot lately about how our personal style corresponds to makeup. Being truly a ‘soft traditional’ style type, I started thinking about how exactly to use my palette to produce the best ‘smooth’ look using the more natural tones of my palette. I have to admit that when I completed creating this look I experienced like these colors weren’t the warm, fantastic shades that TA is usually represented as being, but all the shades used matched my TA color swatch/lover. I used golds, muted coppers, ginger, and natural brownish-peach shades. Perhaps I’m confusing the ‘smooth’ look with the soft palettes, that I feel clean me out.

I feel better understanding that there’s a softness to the real Autumn palette – it doesn’t have to be all orange, all the right time – there are versatility and originality in each season. I can still get a soft look without having to be a soft season – I find that reassuring, liberating, and interesting all at the same time. Because of this look I started with Loreals True Match W4 concealer and base.

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I then applied MAC’s Gold Deposit powder around and used Gingerly Blush on my cheeks. 54 shadow (lid to crease) and MAC Woodwinked on the lid. Then I used MAC’s Powersurge eyeliner on my upper lashline and blended in Saddle eyeshadow to make a golden, copper smokey but soft look.

I then used Teddy eyeliner on the low lash-line for some definition. I finished off the look by using Lancome’s Bronzelle lipliner and MAC’s Mocha lipstick. I tried to take this photo in as natural light as possible and no display was used. To me, this seems like the perfect smooth and natural everyday or comforting weekend look!

The wines will come from the Iron Horse winery in northern California: a Chardonnay with the beginner, a pinot noir with the primary course, and champagne with dessert. The menu, chosen by the First Lady, will make sure to please her hubby, a man of famously basic preferences who can regularly be observed eating on fast food. Though without doubt sourced from the best possible ingredients and made by the finest chefs, the meal amounts to beef and potatoes followed by vanilla ice cream.

Melania Trump, 49, donned a polished white and navy ensemble that was similar to the clothing worn by Audrey Hepburn in the traditional Hollywood film as she joined her hubby for the engagement. And while last night’s wine list included a Bordeaux Premier Cru which costs more than £1000 a container, tonight cost a lower amount than £50 the Calfornian white and red to be offered. Mr. Trump is a teetotaler who also promotes his children not to partake famously.