EXACTLY WHAT DOES It Mean When Someone In A Relationship Says He “Needs To Find Himself”?

Need To Find Themselves? When someone in a romantic relationship says he “needs to find himself” it most likely means he feels that he’s lost himself. A good part of the time, the other person may have experienced a rough idea that there was something amiss in the partnership. Sometimes, however, your partner had no basic idea.

So how do we get lost when we’re in a relationship? The lost partner may try for quite some time to express the proceedings. Sometimes the other person just won’t understand. You can find other times, too, however, when the other person is simply on a different wavelength and isn’t capable of understanding.

Either way, it is knowing that would be the beginning of a return of the progressively lost partner from that far-away place. The trouble is, when early attempts to express thoughts/feelings about what seems to be happening fail, the person who senses he’s becoming more and more lost learns that the tries have been futile and provides up. It generally does not help when the person from whom we are tugging farther and further away is someone who means well and whose emotions are something we would never want to harm.

Neither can it help when the person who is the cause of the problem doesn’t just have significantly more power in the relationship but has more aggressiveness as well. One reason is that we believe the accepted spot to find ourselves again is within our own heart and mind. What should one do when someone else says he must find himself?

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There may be nobody answer that might be right for everyone for the reason that situation, because associations, like people, are individual. One thing to keep in mind is that when someone says he needs to find himself there’s a really good chance he’s been becoming more and more lost for some time. People don’t usually feel lost when they first (or briefly) taken inward just a little.

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