Microsoft Office 2019 License Limits One Install Per Computer

It seems Microsoft silently changed the licensing terms in its Office 2013 productivity suite to enable you to no longer set up the program on more than one device – ever. Exactly what does this mean for consumers? We spoke to Darren Shield, a lawyer at the New York boutique intellectual property company Zussman Law PLLC, to understand the licensing terms in plain English better.

Where it gets dicey is if you want to re-install the software that you have previously legally purchased. Perchance you recently improved or fixed your personal computer; for example, because your hard drive was infected with a virus and you need to re-install everything, together with your operating software and system like Office. 99-a-year subscription-based Office 365 seems such as a great deal because you can install the software on up to 5 PCs or 4 Macs.

100 for a whole year’s membership to Office 365. The question is: How long should you keep giving your money to Microsoft to be able to continue steadily to use office tools you’ve already covered? According to ZDNet, if you’ve subscribed to Office 365 for at least one year, you will have a chance to download your files so you can at least open up or print out them from your personal computer.

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