Star Jones Doubts Mo’Nique’s Weight Loss Methods Are All Natural

IN an unappealing fight of the bulge, STAR JONES has accused MO’NIQUE of cheating to lose fat! The “Precious” Oscar champion admits she once weighed 300 pounds and claims she’s shed 80 of them the old-fashioned way – by training. But Star – who fell 160 pounds after gastric bypass surgery in 2003 – isn’t buying it, say sources.

“Star doesn’t think Mo’Nique could be losing all that weight naturally, a source informed The ENQUIRER”. “She’s commented to a few friends that she thinks Mo’Nique will need to have had something done because she’s looking so good so fast. Mo’unique insists she’s been on her behalf-healthy weight-loss trip for the past three years and it is down to 218 pounds. The 45-year-old comedian and previous sitcom superstar of “The Parkers” has even been documenting her weight-loss success on Twitter.

Meanwhile, she’s heard that Star – who fibbed for years before arriving clean about her gastric bypass surgery in 2007 – has pooh-poohed her weight-loss pro­gram. “Mo’Nique said Star is jealous because she had taken the easy way out to lose weight,” uncovered a pal. “And she doesn’t care what any­one, star Jones especially, thinks.

I started to see myself as somebody who cared about her health, as someone athletic. I started to imagine myself as the individual I hoped to become through my healthy trip. 3. Remind yourself why you are doing it. Everyone has their own known reasons for attempting to attain a goal.

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My reasons are personal ones. I wish to be healthy for myself, so that I no longer experience persistent pain. I want to be healthy for my children, so that I can not only be considered a good example to them but also so that I am around for a long period in their lives.

I want to be healthy for my hubby, so that he never has to become my caretaker and do things for me due if you ask me no longer being able to do them myself. I feel better while I am a healthy weight, and I am well informed. 4. Take the first rung on the ladder. 6. Incentive yourself along the true way.

I’m not talking about providing yourself some dessert because you’ve been “good” all week. I’m discussing buying a fresh dress to suit your new size or getting a new haircut. Going out with friends can be an incentive you give yourself. 7. Don’t give up. Even when you decide to do have a step backwards, don’t give up. Keep going. For each step back, become more identified to take several steps forwards even. You will see times when it seems harder than usual; don’t let those times keep you from continuing. The only thing that will keep you from achieving your goal is you.