HOW EXACTLY TO Use Makeup To Contour Your Face

Professional makeup performers know how to use makeup to contour that person and create the illusion of perfection, without any airbrush or Photoshop tricks even. For ordinary people, contouring is often seen as only existing successfully on the stage or at a professional photo shoot. This is certainly not the case! When done correctly, contouring is a straightforward and easy way to make your face look slimmer and your features more defined and radiant. We have three tricks that may help you learn how to use your makeup to contour your face that you can excel at quickly. You will need to have some good makeup brushes on hand to use these methods effectively.

If you don’t already own some, consider buying a starter set of good quality brushes from one of the better makeup lines like Trish McEvoy or MAC. You can also buy specific ones to fill in any spaces in your clean kit. The best ones are from Bobbi Brown. I’ve acquired them for a long time and they are still in excellent condition. Now, get your brushes and begin sculpting! A slimmer face is an objective that for some may only appear possible through weight reduction, but with a small amount of contouring makeup, you can have a thinner looking face in under 5 minutes.

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You will need a non-shimmery, matte bronzer three shades darker than your skin tone and a little fluffy face or bronzer brush. If you’re having difficulties finding a broker without shimmer, simply use a face powder a few shades darker than you would usually wear. Dip your brush lightly in the browser and create the “E” “3” form on that person.

To do that, start at your temple and curve the brush around and under your cheekbone, then back again around and under your jaw. This creates a letter “E” on your left side and lots “3” on your right side. Then, use a clean brush or makeup sponge to blend any harsh lines. A straightforward trick to making your nose appear slimmer and straighter involves the same bronze or dark face powder you used to contour your face and an eye shadow brush. Dip your eyeshadow clean gently in the browser and run it vertically down from the bridge of the nose to the tip on each side of your nasal area, leaving the center of your nose clean.

To create a more defined tip of the nose, create a little “V” under the tip of the nose using the browser and eyeshadow clean. Use a clean fluffy brush to mix all severe lines. The last step to creating a defined and contoured face is to highlight your key features perfectly.

You can use a liquid, cream, or natural powder highlighter in the color and color of your decision. Because of this step, a shimmery product is recommended. Now you know how to use your makeup to contour your face and all you need to do is practice. It might take you several times and a little experimenting to get the right colors, but you will be astonished at the difference a few contouring tricks can make.

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